Many of us would like to see our colleagues know and follow Jesus but are not sure how to help them on their journey of faith. The Biscuit Trail is designed to help you see what you could do (and perhaps are already doing) to help others take steps towards Jesus, and ultimately follow Him.


A set of colourful cards provoke discussion about the steps involved in helping someone begin to follow Jesus and what is involved in taking those steps.The cards cover such things as praying for them, making the gospel relevant to work and life, building a friendship, sharing your story, etc. Each card has suggestions on how to be better prepared to take each step with colleagues, as well as a helpful case study that provides real-life examples to learn from.


The cards enable Christians to recognise the value of what they are already doing, share their experience with one another, identify where they have more to learn, and discover a few practical ideas for what they could do next.


For a quick introduction to how the Biscuit Trail can be used, watch the following video: